Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bursts of Color

How does Cleveland, OH compare with Dhaka, Bangladesh?  Well, we were only gone a week on this trip, but we came home to bursts of color pushing up through last winter's grey in the front garden. 

And while Dhaka doesn't have much of a winter at least in Northern Ohio terms, they do have loads of grey.  Dust muting the greenery, grey rubble of construction (or demolition, hard to say) and heavy pollution.  But what I will remember of Dhaka will be the bursts of color.

Even women working in construction (or destruction, hard to tell) take care to wear brilliant fabrics.  This is an image to keep in mind the next time anyone feels they have a hard job.

Every rickshaw is a work of art. 

No matter where you are going in Dhaka, it seems as if you are going against traffic.  It's not so much a matter of going against the flow, but rather that the flow flows in all directions, with no traffic laws to speak of.  That is, when the traffic is moving, which it often is not.  Dhaka redefines gridlock like no other city on the planet.

Even at the International School Dhaka, you might be fooled by the grey and white uniforms.  But look closely and voila!

The brilliance comes shining through.

Happy faces, bright smiles, and welcoming hearts greeted us at ISD.  Many thanks to librarian Linda Lechasseur, Director Richard Tangye, the faculty, and the ever helpful staff. The entire ISD family was ready and eager to talk poetry.  We laughed while we worked writing poems about life and lessons.  Thank you to all of our new friends.