Teaching is the most important job in the world. I am honored to present to teachers worldwide at local, state, national and international conferences as well as delivering customized professional development. Primarily, I base my talks on my teacher professional books (see below).  My topics center around writing, vocabulary instructions, comprehension, and yes, poetry as a vehicle for learning as well as an art product.

I often present with my co-author and partner in rhyme, Michael Salinger.  For pictures and more information about our philosophy and books, visit our drop site.

The Books:

"In High Definition, Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger immerse us in a world of what I would call vocabulary actions—not activities—actions that promise unprecedented levels of student engagement while learning new vocabulary. From writing obituaries and infomercials to editorials and poems, the authors argue that vocabulary is a full-contact sport and tell stories of students who can’t wait to be involved. Students learn words inside out and go beyond writing about them—though the writing actions have great depth and interest—to performance actions. Sara and Michael describe the actions in such a way that we feel as if we’re right there watching words take on a life of their own." Ellin Keene

Outspoken: Improving Literacy Skills Through Poetry Performance (co-author Michael Salinger)

Call it poetic justice, but not only is performance poetry the hottest, hippest way for students to engage in literate behaviors, it’s also an effective vehicle for helping students meet language arts standards. In fact, poetry performance meets eight of NCTE and IRA’s twelve national standards for English instruction and contributes to the mastery of the other four. Best of all, it works in any setting, and with Outspoken! you’ll learn how the spoken word can rev up the energy in your classroom while achieving your curricular goals. In Outspoken! poet–educators Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger take you through the process of developing, implementing, and assessing poetry performance—and beyond.

You might think you don't have room in your standards-based curriculum to teach with poems, but with applications to content standards woven throughout, Practical Poetry will prove that you do. Take Sara Holbrook's advice. You'll energize your students, reinforce their topical understanding over a variety of content-area standards, and build their critical-thinking and language skills. Poetry has never been so practical.

For more information about booking a teacher presentation, please email me at sara@saraholbrook.com or contact Heinemann Speaker's Bureau.