Thursday, June 12, 2014

Poem for Last Days of School

©2010 Sara Holbrook, Zombies! Evacuate the School!
All Rights Reserved Boyds Mills Press


It's not the last day. It's not the first. It's not the 100th, President's Day, Valentine's Day or even crazy sock day. Everyone from the bus drivers to the kids to the teachers and the class hamster is worn out. The pencils have exhausted their points and take home notebooks are just barely holding it together.

What do you do for the SECOND to the last day of school? Grandson Dan told me at his school, the kids get to teach the teachers, so I shared a poem for him to teach.  Every poem holds a built in mini-lesson!


Two more days of school,
of lockers slamming in the hall,
of "class please find your seat,"
and "turn your chairs to the back wall."

Then, no more
who sat where at lunch,
no more giggles by the bunch.
No more watching Wilma's wiggle
when she writes up on the board.
No more trying to look interested
when classes are a snore.

I can't wait!
To go without a pass,
and not count seconds till the bell.
No more hunting for a pen
or hearing stressed-out teachers yell
at some poor slob who just forgot
where he was supposed to be.
No more handing out detentions,
especially not to me.

When summer gets real boring,
I'll be ready to come back.
But now,
two days is two too much.
If it were three 
I'd crack.

©1996 Sara Holbrook, The Dog Ate My Homework
All Rights Reserved Boyds Mills Press