Sunday, March 06, 2005

First Post

I am so excited to be setting up this blog. Already I wish I had done this years (and hundreds of schools) ago. This is the place where I can keep notes about all my poetry travels and hopefully, some of the students I meet can post their reflections. Writing about events make them more real to me.

So, welcome to my blog and thanks in advance for your responses.



Anonymous said...


You must have a very good web person!

Anonymous said...

i've read some of your poems and i think they are really great! and now in class i have to pick an author for a poetry research and i decided to pick you!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Holbrook is a really good poet I wonder what other good poem she will come out with? Her poems are all really good!

Anonymous said...


Just found out about your blog through George Nemeth's Brewed Fresh Daily. It is well overdue and I look forward to reading it and seeing the world through an accomplished poet's eyes. Welcome to the wonderful blogsphere.

Now to get Salinger to start one (but please not about fishing)

Steve Goldberg
(Poet WannaBe and longtime Blogger)