Saturday, May 31, 2008

Head to Head Haiku at Bay Middle

The haiku poet
speaks sincerely into the mike,
holds heart in clenched fist

The Haiku emcee
invites the poets to bow
from waist in respect

Each greeting is met
with reverberating gong
as the poets bow.

The audience is
silent as the fallen snow.
Words glisten. Applause!

Gong Girl misses cue,
sneaks in a few extra bongs.
Incurs Emcee wrath.

We write what we see.
Peaceful poems heal our hearts
when we share the words.


michael salinger said...

be as quiet as
cloud passing before the moon
do not mis ring gong

Anonymous said...

this is a good blog
the words go in discrete flow
the soul in the know

Unknown said...

wise children are they
to write poems as they do
with words that are true

Anonymous said...

mom and michael, it was so amazing to see "cool" 12 year old boys competing using their own written words...thanks for the constant stream of fun, energizing ideas for our classrooms.i love you.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous in the photos. Such relaxing posts, this and the last. O, the last days of school.