Monday, February 02, 2009

We're havin' a heat wave!

Thirty nine and sunny in Cleveland in January after how many days below freezing (?) is beautifully balmy. We were outside soaking up the vitamin D yesterday and I am still on the uplift from all that sunshine. I had just read a reminder in my cousin Debbie's 25 random facts on facebook and made extra effort to "stay in the moment" and it worked! Sometimes staying inside the boundaries is a very good thing.

Scotty is a real trooper on the sledding hill, up and down 30 times and the closest thing he said to a grumble was "here comes the hard part" as he headed up the hill. No whining. No carry me. Just up and down like it was his business and he was on the job.

Sara K. loved it. At the top of the hill, she'd get herself all situated "on tummy" and then after bouncing to the bottom of the hill she'd proclaim, "AGAIN!"

Lucky we had Frank there to pull the tube, which still had sand in the bottom from the beach two summers ago.

After sledding and while Sara K was sleeping the sunshine off during naptime, Frank, with a little help from Scott and his dad built the most amazing coi in the front yard. Not a simple snow man.

Thinking out of the boundaries, the box, out of the pond, out of the season, a giant pink fish appeared in the front yard. The pink cast was conceived and achieved by Michael spritzing a diluted red jello veneer. Meantime, our jovial right wing neighbor was out scraping every little piece of loosened slush off of his driveway, muttering "Artists!"


Unknown said...

that fish is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!

The pictures of sledding are great too. Good thing Frank was there to pull the sled up, that looks like hard work!

MamaD said...

Wow, that is totally cool! (no pun intended, well....maybe a little).

Lee Ann Spillane said...

Wow! *snow* That's an incredible sculpture! How did they add the details? I'm thinking good kitchen utensils for carving : )

Anonymous said...
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