Tuesday, October 05, 2010


is a 3 lb 8 oz dog
shivering with righteous fury,
tethered by a thread,
ears at attention,
chin extended into
a relentless chain of scalp-tightening yelps,
stands up to the back side of
an overstuffed cable man,
head under the tent of his truck,
before returning home to
release one more
harbored huff of indignation
as she settles in
by the heat hole with her
stuffed bear.


Lorra Wells said...

I love this poem; in fact, I have shown it to my husband, forwarded it to my sister, and plan on sharing it with my students on Monday. It perfectly captures the duality and almost comic nature of having a small dog. When my little Timber and Tator play, we call it the "clash of the titans." There is nothing else quite like it.

sara holbrook said...

I don't know what kind of "titans" you have, but I have to agree that little dogs have practically unlimited entertainment capacity.