Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Violence Hurts: A Discussion Starter

The past three months we have all witnessed the horrible reports of the shooting at nearby Chardon High School, the shooting at the theater in Denver, and the shooting at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.  Young Travon Martin was just walking home with an iced tea when he was shot.  Innumerable other cases wind through the courts and across our TV screens daily.  Add to these the various wars and uprisings and the movie heroes that shoot first and ask (or not) questions later and one almost begins to think that violence is the only way to settle disputes. Not only is it not the only way, it isn't even close to being the best option, but it sure gets all the press.

The poem I am posting here is from one of my older books.  I am hoping that teachers might use this as a possible discussion starter/writing prompt, perhaps even an impetus for on-line research. 

There was lots of discussion around the house this morning about whether the police radio is too distracting in the background.  At least the wee video has Michael and me talking about it! 

If any students do write a poem or reflection in response, I hope some will share.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of using this as a discussion or story starter. Violence is permeating our society and children and young adults need a place and time to talk or write about it. Violence is scary.....sometimes unimaginable...often not the topic of discussion....often creating denial. Hope many shares come in during the coming weeks!

Charles Waters said...

Love the poem and putting a spotlight on this issue. Holbrook and Salinger power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!