Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Everyday's an Audition: Tryouts

I wrote this poem for my daughter Katie when she tried out for a play.  She wanted the part of Peter Pan.  She got the part of the crocodile!  She also got a lifelong friend out of that little production and I think if you asked her, she'd say the experience was a positive one, even though the outcome was not what she went looking for.

We all try out all the time -- plays, sports, musical competitions -- the list is endless.  As a poet, everyday for me is an audition.  I'm submitting work to publishers, trying to win over audiences, and connecting with other writers, making plans.  I've always thought that being a poet is kind of like having a tag sale for my thoughts.  I lay stuff out on the table, people come and take a look. Some say, I don't need that. Some say, I have that at home.  And a few say, cool, I'll take that.  Sometimes life give me what I want, and sometimes I get the crocodile, but there are benefits to every experience.  Okay.  A few scars. But even those can make a good story or poem.

The important thing I have to remind myself of, just as regularly as the moon rises, is that I have to keep trying. It's scary. Sometimes it's just plain exhausting. Most times, I love the adventure of a new challenge.

I chose the changing colors of the sky to represent my moods when I think about trying something new.  Sometimes bright, occasionally dark, and ultimately sunny. This poem has been in two of my books: My very first book Nothing's the End of the World (now sadly out of print) and Zombies! Evacuate the School (Boyds Mills 2010).  But the thing I am most proud of is that Katie was chosen to speak at her graduation from Bay Village High School and she chose this poem as the theme of her speech.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Sara. Your thoughts and poems have always touched me...and I know for a fact the students I taught.

Lee Ann Spillane said...

Love this and the YouTube channel. Thank you. Interesting music you put in the video background; your pace intrigues me too. I've not heard you read this piece like this before. I think we'll watch and use to prompt writing this week during Tuesday's Poetry Club.