Saturday, October 05, 2013

Inside Harare International School

Wading in the first day.  Wee mistake on the airline reservation.  We arrived at 10:00PM on the night before our first 7:45AM workshop.  What part of “one day lost in transit” we failed to comprehend is a mystery.  Luckily due to the kindness and efficiency of librarian Melissa Chifokoyo and welcoming faculty and students, we came in for a gentle and genial landing.

The second grade came first.  Their simile poems were a delight and immediately transformed into a bulletin board by their teacher, Danielle Simpson.

Resident peacocks on patrol.

Talking poetry at all grade levels brings us together as learners and humans.


No poem is ever finished until it is shared.

The kindergarten had fun illustrating poetry with hand motions.  Teacher Jillian EyreWalker asked that we write about their read aloud, Have you Filled a Bucket Today.  We filled our buckets with words and hand motions.

Thanks to Melissa and to Principal Kari Boazman for making our visit a learning experience for all.  Especially me!

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