Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation Poem and Reflections

"Granana, do you think we will ever take that vacation again?"

I was tucking 9 year-old Thomas into bed at home after our road trip that had taken him, his two brothers Ben (14) and Danny (10), me and Michael to Williamsburg, 

zip lining in Fayetteville, NC, a tour of the Special Ops museum there, a sterling visit with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dean Lofthouse, miniature golfing, one day in the Magic Kingdom, 

to the Atlantic for a swim with Lee Ann and Collin Spillane and back home to DC, all in a week.  A whirlwind by any definition.

"No, Thomas. Sweetie, the world doesn't work that way. Even if we went to all the same places next year, it wouldn't be the same.  All we can do is remember it for all that it was and all the fun we had."


takes me places,
I can't ever say
I've never been

And when a place is
different, I am
different too.
I can look outside
and in
and still enjoy
the view.

Home is
only one place
I am surrounded by the same,
expected to wear certain brands
and always act my name.

takes me places,
I shop for the unknown.
Try on something new.
Pocket the change,
and bring it home.

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