Sunday, April 17, 2005

MCTE Bright Ideas Conference

Now, this really is a bright idea -- hold a conference for pre-service teachers that patterns itself off of a reading or english conference so that students get in the groove of being lifelong learners before they graduate. Let them see how cool it is to exchange ideas through poster sessions, to present and hear from their peers. That's what the Michigan Council of Teachers of English has been doing in Lansing for over twenty years. This year there were over 300 teachers and students in attendance. Michael and I did a joint reading at the luncheon, something we don't get to do as often as we'd like. Fun fun. And the poster displays on justice and equality prepared by the students were overwhelmingly impressive. Big thanks to Marilyn Wilson and Sue for all their hard work.

Home for a few hours and off to Waynesville, OH.
Who invented poetry month anyway?
Deep breath. Two more weeks to go.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you came to Waynesville! I had an awsome time learning how you write poetry, and your poems are totaly awsome! Thanks so much for sging my note book, it really means alot to me. Also I was wondering, is free lance writting something youuld encourage? What writting agency would you recomend to hire if I were get further into writting?
Thanks agian so much,
Deena P.

sara holbrook said...

Free lance writing is a great way to start out. Forget about agencies, what you need is references and clippings of published stories. My recommendation is, start small. Try the local newspaper, get some exerience and ink with your name attached to it and then expand you horizons. Good luck. Send me clippings.

Kathleen Carson said...


I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful day at MSU. Your work is amazing and you are very inspirational. I am very pleased to have my signed copy of your book resting on my bookshelf. Saturday night I read your poetry to my nine-year-old son (Jordan) and he especially liked your poem "Wanted" because he is in that exactly situation. He was excited to know that there are adults out there (besides mom) that "understand".

Thank you again for such an amazing day. It was my first professional confrence and I promise it will not be my last. You are really a terrific writer, and I hope to run into you again someday.

Your Newest Fans
Kathleen Carson CMU
Jordan Carson Beal City Elementary

Anonymous said...

you were awesome at WMS and thank you so much for the tips in writing poetry I will definatly get further into my writing with poetry. But I really wanted to ask you about a writing assignment I have to do in my writing class we are beggining a poetry unit in our LAB class (language arts Bolck) and I was wondering if you could give me any ideas to write about.