Thursday, April 28, 2005

Redbank Valley High School

This was a day of firsts --
I was the first author ever invited to Redbank (thank you very much)
and another first, which is somewhat embarrassing. There was a very cool display created by a student, Maureen, in the library. A weeping willow tree with portions of a poem dribbling down with the falling leafy branches. "That's pretty," I said. "Nice poem."
"It's yours," said the librarian.
"It is?"
And sure enough. The poem is in Walking on the Boundaries of Change -- I remember it so clearly because as it appears in the book, it is short one verse, a problem we have been unable to remedy without changing the layout of the entire book.
But I didn't recognize the first verse.
What do I know.
I either have too much in print or I have been on the road entirely too many days this month. One thing for certain, the engaged kids, the teachers and the volunteers who put on the great luncheon really made my day in New Bethlehem, PA.

After school I spoke to the Seneca Reading Council (more great food, there is a major diet in my future). At least 20 of the attendees were pre-service teachers. Maybe this is a trend, if so, I think it is a GREAT idea -- getting teachers involved in continuing education before graduation. Kudos to Clarion University Education Department.

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