Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Walk

Sometimes it takes binoculars to look at the up-close and find something new.  Suzi and I make this walk everyday.  But here I am on day six of my 7 day challenge and in looking for something outside of myself to write about, I decided to change my point to view to someone else's.  


See that narrow-eyed stare she's giving me?  That her "You never listen" look.

Today I listened; this is what I heard.

The Walk

My walks come in blocks,
one half mile around,
I drag along a human
who's a little tightly wound.
She scuffs.
I bound!

So much grass to water,
trees to sniff,
and fire plugs to explore.
Here a couple toadstools
not here the day before.

She doesn't even smell them,
her plastic bag in hand.
(Did I mention she's deranged?)
She's making a collection
of my deposits on the land.
(I told you, she is strange).

Any dogs out today?
I call them out to play.
barks my anti social human,
I pause, to shake it off
and then salute another bush,
pulling forward
nose to the ground,
one half mile around.

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